Need Timing Belt Service? Burleson Honda Can Help

Keeping your vehicle running like new is essential to the long-term health on your Honda. While oil changes, tire rotations, and brake service are typically thought of as the most routine items on the maintenance checklist, one of the things many drivers overlook is the health of their timing belt.

Like anything in your vehicle, your timing belt degrades over time with use. Some newer cars these days use a chain that lasts for the life of the vehicle rather than a belt. But if yours is an overhead cam design, you'll have a timing belt that will eventually need to be replaced.

So, how often does a timing belt need to be replaced? There is no single answer to fit all vehicles, but most vehicles say you need to replace them at a service interval of 60,000 to 90,000 miles. If you pop open your glovebox and give that old and dusty owner's manual a look-see, you'll find the exact number for your vehicle.

There are warning signs to be aware of when it comes time to replace your timing belt, and they are pretty easy to spot. First, and perhaps foremost; if you're engine stops abruptly or won't even turn on at all, it's a good indication that your timing belt has broken or skipped while the engine was on.

Engine trouble due to an old timing belt stems from the fact that the teeth of the belt have worn away due to excessive use, thus making it incredibly unstable.

Fortunately, the factory-certified service team at Burleson Honda is ready to serve you. We've seen our fair share of timing belt replacements, so if it's time for you to swap yours out, we'll be here waiting for you. Don't wait for something to go wrong; be proactive about your Honda's health and see us today.

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